Leadership at the Intersection of 
the Mission and the Marketplace.

Do you have a deep longing to find and fulfill your unique purpose in life? But struggle to find your path? This too, was my passion and struggle. I started my leadership journey a quarter-century ago in a small town in rural Ohio. As a teenager, I graduated high-school early to start my first business and lead in church. Since then, I've been blessed to lead one of the fastest growing churches in America and an Inc. 5,000 company.​​​​

I've always dreamed of living a life that makes a difference for others. I've remained a student of leadership. Emulating the great leaders of both faith and industry. Why? Because I believe that each of us were created on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose. And that leadership, is a great privilege and responsibility.

My purpose is to Inspire Leaders to Pursue their Personal Highest and Best.

Leadership is my calling. One I live at the intersection of the mission and the marketplace. This season of my journey is about helping other leaders maximize their freedom and influence. Whether you serve in the church, in business, or both, I'm here to help.

If you feel you may be able to glean from my journey, here are several ways our paths can intersect. 

Josh and Heidi,
happily married for 19 years. 

Opportunities to Connect

The Pilot Fish Group is a team of world-class investors, coaches, and SME's. We help you develop your leadership for maximum impact and personal freedom. We believe that what's best for the leader, is best for the business. That's why we begin every corporate engagement with a strategic life-plan for its leader. Our passion is to help leaders develop healthy, sustainable progress in all four life quadrants.

From coaching and speaking, to assessments and on-site workshops, our solutions inspire and challenge teams to learn and lead with confidence. Each engagement can be customized to specifically address your organization's specific structural, cultural, and leadership challenges. Programs for ongoing personal development are also offered for individuals seeking to develop themselves personally.

Mastermind Groups are peer-to-peer mentoring groups where participants challenge and encourage each other with input and accountability. As the group facilitator, I guide the conversation and offer strategic advice and tangible takeaways through a shared resource. 

Groups meet weekly, virtually or in person. Various times and locations are available. Masterminds are a great way to grow your network and experience in a safe and trusted environment. Develop your leadership and address your leadership challenges with the support of others just like you. Join a group today.

Complete a Life Plan and you will find perspective for today and clarity for your future. This isn't some cookie cutter process that fits you into a pre-defined box. Rather, it's a custom process that allows the real you to bubble up from within. A facilitated Life Plan with me will help you discover who you've been all along. You'll love your Life Plan experience. I promise, or your money back.

How can I be so confident? It's easy. Life Planning changed my life. I first experienced the Paterson LifePlanning principles in 2006. In 2015, I experienced my first facilitated plan. My life has never been the same. Now, as an advanced certified Life Plan facilitator with the Paterson Center, I guide you through your plan and then walk with you for several months thereafter. Explore a plan today.

Attention spans are short; demanding you capture them and lock them in. With so many messages bombarding us each day, very few stand out. The spoken word remains the most powerful medium for effective communication. You speak to your teams every day. Sometimes, it's helpful to have a fresh voice who can bring fresh energy and insights to your team. I'd love to be that voice for you and your team.

Have an event or gathering that needs a voice? Let's connect. I want to understand where your leadership culture is and what you want your team, customers, or prospects to take away from your event. I only speak about ideas that excite me and have the power to inspire others to courageous acts of influence. If you want that from your team. We should talk.