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Mom Fail – 3 Truths every Smart Mom Knows (but can sometimes forget.)

This video appeared in my memory feed yesterday. It’s several years old, but it's one of my favorites. Watch it to the end to see a funny mom fail.

I’ve watched it hundreds of times and it still makes me laugh.

I don’t just chuckle because I find it funny. I laugh because it fills my heart with joy!

I love it because it accurately reflects the values my wife seeks to live out with our family. She doesn't always achieve them. But when she does, it’s a thing of beauty.

Heidi's a smart mom. And if you're reading this, then you are too. Her little mom fail reminds me of three truths every smart mom knows but can sometimes forget. (They apply to dad’s as well.) 

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5 Reasons Moms are the Best!


A recent survey of over 1600 moms revealed that 94% of them struggle with mommy guilt. I get guilt; it’s a complex emotion that occurs when a person feels they’ve violated a personal moral standard. I’ve felt guilt before, quite a bit of it.

But I don’t get mommy guilt. I guess that makes sense since I’m not one. I don’t think there is such a thing as daddy guilt. I love my kids and do my best to take an active role in their lives. But as a dad I can be pretty content when my kids have the things they need, aren’t physically harming each other, and aren’t blocking my view of the game. On the other hand, moms tend to set an unrealistic standard for their parenting that often leaves them feeling like they aren’t doing enough or are doing it all wrong.

Moms, don’t be fooled into thinking your kids came to you perfect and anything bad they do is a reflection of your mothering.

As someone who helps others write Life Plans for their future, I know this mentality can rob moms of their joy and confidence. So, on this Mother’s Day weekend, as I sit at a dance competition surrounded by thousands of Moms who are cheering, serving, and celebrating their children. I thought I’d take a moment to give 5 Reasons Moms are Great.Continue reading

Mr. Heidi Clark

Last night I was named as one of the recipients of the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce’s “40 Under Forty” award, given out to the Valley’s young “Movers & Shakers.” Needless to say, I felt humbled and blessed to receive this award. Being that I turn thirty-eight tomorrow, I feel like I just squeaked in.

I’ve prepared a blog post to express my gratitude and appreciation for this great honor, but I’m not going to post it, at least not today. No, if you’re looking for a cleverly written piece that strikes the perfect balance between humble gratitude and appropriate self-promotion, you’ll have to visit another blog. If you’re looking for my feeble attempt, then please come back tomorrow. 

Instead, today I’m going to post about the most significant title I’ve never received. But I’m open to it. In fact, I’m suggesting it. Are you ready? 

Today I proudly wear the title, Mr. Heidi Clark.

Now before you write this off as just some middle-aged man’s attempt to get some “sugar” from his wife of seventeen years. Let me remind you, we have five kids; I get plenty of sugar. No, I proudly wear the title, Mr. Heidi Clark because she has allowed me to speak and write crap like this in front of thousands for the last seventeen years. And that’s saying something because while I love the spotlight she loves to shine it on others; being pulled into its glow is something she would rather leave to big-headed type A’s like me.Continue reading

Making masks a thing of the past.


We all wear masks. We take what’s on the inside, put a mask on it, and pretend it’s something else altogether.

I’m great at this, even though I don’t want to be.

Sometimes I wear masks at home, with my kids. Last week was busy and by the weekend I was feeling guilty for the limited time I’d spent with my boys. As I left the house for yet another evening away, I told the kids they would wake up the next morning to a wonderful surprise from their daddy. Because, as you know, cheap toys from the Target $1 bin can totally fill the void left by an absentee father.Continue reading