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Mom Fail – 3 Truths every Smart Mom Knows (but can sometimes forget.)

This video appeared in my memory feed yesterday. It’s several years old, but it's one of my favorites. Watch it to the end to see a funny mom fail.

I’ve watched it hundreds of times and it still makes me laugh.

I don’t just chuckle because I find it funny. I laugh because it fills my heart with joy!

I love it because it accurately reflects the values my wife seeks to live out with our family. She doesn't always achieve them. But when she does, it’s a thing of beauty.

Heidi's a smart mom. And if you're reading this, then you are too. Her little mom fail reminds me of three truths every smart mom knows but can sometimes forget. (They apply to dad’s as well.) 

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3 Reasons Great Leaders Practice Abandonment

As a leader, practicing abandonment is difficult. We grow attached to things that have worked in the past; remembering the value they brought to our lives and organizations. We remain dependent on things that are decelerating in their effectiveness; wrenching every last ounce of comfort from their diminishing returns. Endings are difficult, especially when they include products, services, people, or organizations that have added value to our lives. But just like every toddler eventually learns to leave their blanket behind. Great leaders know abandonment is necessary to pursue new growth.Continue reading

The 3 Most Important Questions when Prioritizing Your Day.

For most of my life, I wore my busyness with pride. Believing that “out of this world” results would justify an “out of control” pace. In my early twenties, I juggled a start-up business, my education, and a thriving ministry.

Throughout that decade, my work hard – play hard lifestyle produced some great results. But it came at great expense. Before my thirtieth birthday, stress at work and home landed me in the ER with chest pains. It was a wake-up call I’ll never forget. A lesson I don’t want to repeat. 

My pursuit of everything almost left me with nothing.

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Take Control of Your Time

I love the concept behind the Slow-Brand of single-hand, twenty-four hour watches. Designed to measure the progress of a single day; the slow watch has only one hand that rotates once every 24 hours. It actually moves at half the speed of a normal watch but allows you to see the progress of your entire day at a glance.

In our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to forget that we have a choice in how we live. I often need to be reminded that “Fast and Furious” is a movie franchise, not a lifestyle choice.

You alone determine what your time is worth and what is worth your time.

I think the message behind the slow brand of watches is brilliant. A unique watch can serve as a subtle reminder to enjoy every moment and stop chasing every minute. But in case you can’t afford to buy a new watch. Here are a few tips I’ve learned about maximizing my time.

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